NCIC Report Bulletin

Suspects Steal $250,000 While Dealer Loads Vehicle

The South St. Paul Minnesota Police Department is investigating the September 26, 2010 vehicle burglary of coin dealer Lee Orr. At approximately 2:10pm in the afternoon the victim was loading his vehicle preparing to leave a local coin show in South St. Paul. When the victim walked back inside the show to retrieve the last of his inventory two white male suspects smashed the windows in his vehicle and removed two cases of coins.

The following is a partial list of coins; 2 1895 $20 Lib Au/Bu Raw 1 1896 $20 Lib Au/Bu Raw 2 1897-S $20 Lib Au/Bu Raw 1 1900 $20 Lib Au/Bu Raw 1 1901 $20 Lib Au/Bu Raw 1 1904 $20 Lib Au/Bu Raw 1 1906 $20 Lib Au/Bu Raw D or S 1 1907 $20 Lib Au/Bu Raw D or S 7 1908 $20 Saint Au/Bu Raw 3 1910-S $20 Saint Au/Bu Raw 1 1913 $20 Saint AU Raw 1 1913-D $20 Saint AU Raw 1 1914-S $20 Saint Au/Bu Raw 1 1915-S $20 Saint Au/Bu Raw 4 1922 1 1903-S $1 NGC MS62 White 2 1903-O $1 PCGS MS63 White 1 1901-S $1 PCGS MS64 White 1 1894 $1 VF/XF Raw 1 1893-S $1 PCGS VG original 1 1892-CC $1 AU Raw - White Dipped out. 1 1885-S $1 PCGS MS63 White 1 1806 50c ANACS VF30 Deep Gray toning with blue between rims & stars 1 1806 50c VF Raw 1 1808/7 50c AU Raw 1 1809 50c AU Raw 1 1811 50c AU Raw 1 1839-O 50c XF/AU Raw - Cleaned & retoned 1 1872-CC 50c VF/XF Raw - Cleaned & retoned 1 1923-S 25c XF40 Raw 1 1896-S 25c AG Raw 2 1896-S 25c Good Raw 1 1913-S 25c Good Raw 1 1807 10c VF Raw - Obv 1 1812 1c AU Raw - Distinct Rim Nick showing bright copper color, 4 double row boxes raw collector oins with many key dates 1 Double Row Box Slabs Dollars after 1880, Commemoratives, Gold.

Any dealer or collector having information regarding this offense should contact:

Det. Julie Bishop South St. Paul PD 612-747-2409 Or Doug Davis Numismatic Crime Information Center 817-723-7231

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation established as a resource for dealers, collectors, victims and law enforcement during the investigation of a numismatic crime. All donations are tax deductible.

Michigan Dealer's Vehicle Burglarized at Rest Stop

Ohio - On August 28, 2010 a Birmingham, Michigan dealer’s vehicle was burglarized while traveling home from a coin show in Richfield, Ohio. The dealer who was following another dealer stopped at a rest stop to use the rest room. While inside a vehicle described as a black Ford Escape or Explorer occupied by 3 hispanic males drove up alongside the victim’s vehicle and smashed the window removing over $250,000 in inventory.

A partial listing of coins stolen include: 1908S Saint NGC61, 1909 $20 Saint PCGS63, 1878 $3 Gold PCGS58, 1886 Quarter NGC PR65CAM, 1872 Quarter NGC PR65CAM, 1909S IND PCGS63RD, 1822 Trade Dollar PCGS63, 1773 Virginia half cent PCGS Genuine Red UNC, 1882O $10 PCGS VF30 Green Tag and a 1904 Liberty Nickel PCGS66.

Any collector or dealer having information on this offense should contact Det. Eric Weaver Ohio Highway Patrol at 216-587-4305 or Doug Davis at 817-723-7231.

North Carolina Dealer Reports Missing/Stolen Coins

Greensboro, NC - A North Carolina dealer has reported missing/stolen coins during a flight from Cincinnati, Ohio to Greensboro, North Carolina on Saturday September 4, 2010.

The loss includes: 1877 Trade Dollar NGC PR64, 1802 Half dollar ANACS XF45, 1807 Dime NGC MS61, 1911-S $20 NGC MS65, 1835 Quarter ICG XF40, 1878 $3 NGC AU55, 1797 $1 PCGS AU 53 slight lamination on reverse rim at 5:00, 1888 $1 NGC PR65 Cameo,1936 D 31/2 legs ANACS F12, 1878CC Dollar NGC MS63, 1882 CC Dollar NGC MS64, 1897 S Dollar NGC MS64, 1900S Dollar NGC MS 63, 1897 S Dollar NGC MS63, 1893 S Dollar NGC XF40, 1875 Dime NGC MS65, 1877 Twenty Cent NGC PR65 Cameo toning around periphery, 1889 Dime NGC PR66, 1883 Trade Dollar NGC PR64 #1627122002 darker obverse/milky &hazy reverse, 1800 Half dime NGC AU55 #1722617001.

Any dealer or collector having information on this offense should contact Doug Davis at 817-723-7231 or Doug

Dealer Victim of Vehicle Burglary on Way Home From Boston ANA

Massachusetts – Massachusetts State police are investigating the August 13, 2010 vehicle burglary of a dealer traveling home to Michigan from the ANA Money Show held in Boston. The incident occurred approximately 130 miles outside of Boston. The suspects broke into the dealer’s vehicle while stopped at a restaurant and removed two cases containing approximatley 250 coins.

A partial listing of coins stolen include an 1803 draped bust large cent MS60,1839 N-8 Petite head (head of 1840)Lot 551 of Dan Holms Part II Sale finest known of those with thin rim cud break under date PCGS MS-63 Brown, 1855 large cent slanted 5’s N-10 lot 1251 of Ted Naftzger Part III Sale Sixth star missing carbon spot on neck PCGS MS-64 R/B, 1858/7 Flying Eagle cent S-63 SEGS MS-60,1794 Flowing Hair half dime PCGS AU-58, 1916D Mercury dime PCGS MS-63 FSB, 1913S Barber quarter PCGS VG-8,1919S Standing Liberty quarter PCGS MS-65 60% H,1795 Flowing hair 2 leaf half dollar PCGS VF 30, and 1836 Classic head No Motto $2.50 gold piece PCGS MS-63.

Any collector or dealer having any information on this offense should contact: Trooper Edward Culver at 413-499-1112 or Doug Davis at 817-723-7231.

Gold Coins Target of Residential Burglary

Chester, NJ - Detectives with the Chester New Jersey police department are investigating a residential burglary which netted the suspects with several Austrian 100 Schilling gold coins dated 1924-1933. Any collector or dealer having any information on this offense should contact;

Det Beasty 908-879-5100 or Doug Davis 817-723-7231


The following three coins were stolen in Europe on June 23rd, 2010. All raw but with distinguishing marks. Please contact us if you see any of these coins.

1924-S $20 probable grade: 62—very distinguishing marks: broad light brush contact marks in the upper obverse field to the right of the statue.

1908-S $20 probable grade: 62, very clean fields, tiniest bag mark right on the kneecap, uncleaned, deep yellow color

1911-D $10 very clean surfaces, just starting to acquire a light patina over a very light old toning, could grade anywhere from 58 to 62. This is not atypical for high grade 1911-D $10, but they don’t come this high grade very often, and new discovery coins are infrequent.

Details of offense are pending due to on-going investigation.

If any dealer or collector sees or comes in contact with any of the above coins please contact:

Doug Baliko (Heritage) 214-528-3500 Or Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Texas Dealer Robbed and Wife Assaulted After Attending Texas Coin Show

Wichita Falls, Texas - Detectives with the Wichita Falls, Texas police department are investigating the June 13, 2010 robbery of a Texas coin dealer who was traveling home after attending the Grapevine , Texas Coin Show. The three suspects were described as asian males. One suspect assaulted the dealers wife causing five broken ribs and two broken fingers. The suspects smashed the window of the dealer’s vehicle and removed a case containing $20,000 in currency and checks. The suspects escaped in a black Nissan Maxima.

Several 100 packs of FRN $1 and $2 notes were taken. A 1929 $10 Steele, Missouri Charter #12452 Ser#B00141A and a 1929 Mercedes, Texas Charter #11879 Ser# C000405A was also taken.

Anyone having any information on this offense should contact:

Det. Montana 940-761-7766

or Doug Davis 817-723-7231

Dealer Victim of Vehicle Burglary After Leaving Parsippany Coin Show

Parsippany, New Jersey - The Township of Parsippany Hills police department is investigating the vehicle burglary of coin dealer Robert Beels. Mr. Beels had left the Parsippany coin show on June 6, 2010 and stopped to eat at a restaurant on Rt 46. While inside the restaurant suspect or suspects opened the trunk of his vehicle and removed coins and personal items. Coins taken included an 1805/6 draped bust quarter NGC XF, 1913-D Ty I Buffalo ANACS MS64, 1936 S Buffalo PCGS MS65, 1936 York half dollar NGC MS66, 1937 D&S PCGS MS64.

Any dealer or collector having any information should contact Det. Conklin at 973-263-4341 or Doug Davis at 817-723-7231.

Goldberg's Report Stolen Express Mail Package Containing 1877-cc $10

Beverly Hills, CA- Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles has reported an express mail package stolen while en-route from PCGS. The package contained an 1876-CC $10 in PCGS XF45 with certification #06727796. Any collector or dealer having any information contact:

Glenn Onishi at 310-551-2646 or Doug Davis @ 817-723-7231 (

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation working to coordinate initiatives between law enforcement and the numismatic industry in “Targeting Numismatic Crimes around the World”. The success of NCIC depends on the financial commitments from dealers, collectors and the numismatic industry. All donations are tax deductible.

Dealer Reports $100,000 Loss In Hotel Burglary

San Diego, CA - San Diego Port police are investigating the loss of $100,000 in coins from dealer Will Rossman. On April 21, 2010 suspects broke into Mr. Rossman’s hotel room, jimmied the safe, and removed several boxes of raw coins.

The inventory loss included low grade 1804 and 1913 S quarters, xf-au 1923-s quarters, a brown unc 55/55 cent, and an unc 1948 Canadian Dollar. There was a nearly complete, full horn buffalo nickel set in a brown Dansco album, a partial Proof V Nickel set in Wayte Raymond boards and five varying sized boxes containing mostly key and semi-key collector coins from the 19th and 20th century. Possibly the most identifiable item is a large sized Gulfport,MS national banknote.

Any collector or dealer having any information on this offense should contact Officer Zettel at 619-686-6272 or Doug Davis at 817-723-7231 or