Dealers Vehicle Burglarized After FUN Show

The Orange County, Florida Sheriff’s Department is investigating the burglary of a dealers vehicle which occurred at a fast food restaurant a short distance from the FUN show.

The following is a list of stolen property :

Monster box 2013 eagles, 1881 CC $ NGC MS64, 1798 $ ICG-F20, 1876 20c ICG MS62, 1831 10c ICG XF40, 1880-S $ ICG MS61 DMPL, 1899 $ ICG unc details/cleaned, 1878 7/8 TF ICG MS61, 2012 NGC proof buffalo, 2006 NGC proof 70 buffalo, 1899 2 1/2$ Lib NGC 63, and 30 standing lib 10 oz rounds

A check book with the name of J&R Coin Shop Fort Ogle Thorpe,Georgia was also taken.

Anyone with information on this offense should contact:

Doug Davis 817-723-7231