Law Enforcement Resource

The investigation of numismatic crimes is not unique to the investigative process but is usually hampered by the lack of knowledge of law enforcement officials about the numismatic industry.

NCIC provides technical and investigative support to law enforcement agencies across the country and international level. NCIC serves as a vehicle for the collection, evaluation, analysis, dissemination and storage of information related to numismatic crimes.

NCIC offers a variety of services and resources that include:

  • Law enforcement officers on staff with over twenty five years of investigative experience in the area of numismatic crimes
  • Centralized database of numismatic crimes and stolen property
  • Utilizes its database to correlate lead and suspect information
  • Provides technical case assistance and evaluation
  • Assists in the identification and proper inventorying of recovered numismatic property
  • Analyzes investigative data and identifies similarities and patterns in cases from across the country and international level
  • Coordinates the rapid dissemination of information related to numismatic offenses to law enforcement and the numismatic industry
  • Maintains a network of numismatic experts to assist law enforcement agencies who are involved in the investigation of a numismatic crime
  • Provides specialized training in numismatic crime investigations

CoinFacts.Com provides law enforcement with an online reference and
identification guide for U.S coins.

Law Enforcement Toolkit

Investigative Checklist upon request
Numismatic Expert List upon request

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